The problem that afflicts all AC & refrigeration systems is called Oil Fouling

What Is Oil Fouling?

According to The American Society of heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning engineers, ASHRAE oil fouling is an insulating barrier of compressor oil that builds up on the inside surface of the evaporator coil tubing.

Does Oil Fouling Reduce My Equipment’s Efficiency?

Oil fouling of the heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of about 7% efficiency the first year, 5% the second year, and 2% per year the following years.

Performance is degraded by as much as 30% due to the build-up of lubricants on internal surfaces and higher percentages up to 40% have been observed in systems 20 years old or older. ~ ASHRAE Handbook

What Are The Problems Caused By Oil Fouling?

  • a permanent insulating buildup in your cooling system’s coil tubing that is a barrier to efficient heat exchange,
  • your cooling system working harder to cool,
  • increased maintenance costs,
  • higher utility bills,
  • an overall negative effect on the financial bottom line energy costs for businesses and industries—from government buildings, schools, and hospitals to business buildings and residential homes.



Catalyst 1 : Eliminates Oil fouling

This catalyst removes oil fouling and stops it from occurring again. In other words, once Kryomaxx Iceflo has been installed, equipment will never lose efficiency due to oil fouling.

Catalyst 2 : Increases Energy Efficiency

Catalyst 2 contributes additional energy efficiency through improving the performance of the refrigerant. It will also cause the refrigerant to carry more heat exchange.

Advance Lubricity Agent

The Advance Lubricity Agent greatly increases lubrication or lubricity so that bearing surfaces show little wear over the lifetime of equipment.




Supermarkets and convenience stores have a hefty price to pay when it comes to cooling bills.
Imagine the cost to run all those refrigerated merchandisers, freezers, and coolers year round.
It’s not surprising  that HVAC and refrigeration systems can contribute to 60% or more of their total energy costs.
Installing KRYOMAXX ICEFLO is simple way for  these facilities to reduce their kWh consumption by 12-18%.
This means more money back into the business.


Restaurants or Pubs

For restaurants and other food establishments installing KRYOMAXX ICEFLO as a non-disruptive solution solutions is a great way to cut the cost of comfort cooling (A/C) and refrigeration all at the same time.
Once KRYOMAXX ICEFLO is installed into the restaurants HVAC unit, it will create a drier colder air that adds value to the customer experience.
All the while working quietly to reduce the operating cost an improving the performance of all restaurant refrigeration systems



Hotels & Motels

By using KRYOMAXX ICEFLO hotel establishments can simultaneously save a tremendous amount money on A/C maintenance, kWh consumption and all the while increasing customer satisfaction.
A broken air conditioner can quickly lead to a customer dissatisfaction. KRYOMAXX ICEFLO will extend the life of every unit that it is installed in.
In the warmer months cold air delivery will be faster and stay longer and in the colder months the opposite will happen hot air delivery will be faster and also stay longer which will please the customer.
KRYOMAXX ICEFLO optimizes and helps maintain peak system performance for the life of the equipment.


Data Centers

Uptime is paramount for data-centers and so is PUE. Installing KRYOMAXX ICEFLO can help with both at the same time.
KRYOMAXX ICEFLO can help data-centers
  • reduce the annual kWh consumption
  • substantially increase AC unit efficiency
  • deliver colder vent air temperature faster
  • significantly reduce cycle runtimes
 KRYOMAXX ICEFLO is a great non-disruptive solution for data-centers. There will be no downtime during installation.


Large Facilities

Large facilities and office buildings equipped with RTUs or chillers average 18%-24% savings in kWh consumption, with a similar reduction in carbon emissions and green house gases.
KRYOMAXX ICEFLO can be installed in HVAC Rooftop Units (RTUs) and large chiller systems.
It will help restore and maintain peak performance while delivering colder and better qaulity air.
KRYOMAXX ICEFLOis a green product, it poses no health or safety risks, and it contains no harmful toxic or carcinogenic materials.


optimizes and helps maintain peak system performance.

Proven Benefits
  • Improves heat transfer (“Q”)
  • Extends compressor system life
  • Reduces friction noise and vibration, less wear
  • Contains no gummy, system-clogging paraffin or olefin waxes
  • Poses no health or safety risks
  • Contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials (chlorine or sulfurs)
  • Contains no environmentally hazardous materials
  • Increases lubricating capability of compressor oils
  • No ingredients are on the EPA “List of Lists”
  • Reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere


Keeps your AC running like new

Priceless Savings

Because oil fouling is eliminated you will not only save on kWh, you also save on maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment. That in itself is priceless.

100% Reliable

KRYOMAXX ICEFLO works 100% of the time (if properly installed). It is a synthetic catalyst, not an additive and does not change the complexity of the refrigerant or void the manufactures warranty.

Compatible & Risk Free

KRYOMAXX ICEFLO has been tested by Intertek and proven save to use an all types of AC and refrigeration systems.